I saw how amazing the actions of the word friend, family and sistah can be.  I found out that love comes  like a title wave into you heart and keeps repeating  there forever.

 I was so thrilled to see Brenda Vaughn put this together. It was like she had a magic wand( like the good faires have in disneyland) and all the sparkles and good fairy music happened and viola!! it was a night of beautiful people, music and fun.  I will never forget admiring the acts that came on before me.  Tuck and Patty and the amazing Faye Carol.  This lady took them down Blues street full speed, i was nervous to go behind them. But once i got on the stage the music got a hold of me and everything was just fine.  I got to sing with all the sanging sisters who are now in the know.

I saw my good friend Luenell and got to hug and remenice the good ol time.  My son Oshmin Oden got to see the real people music community. He was amaizing when he played his bass behind me on Fryin Pan (cd Real People Music)  it was a fantastic magical night.  Thank you Joey Truso, Charles Spikes, Gino Blacknell and Sundra Manning for adding the spice and fonk to the music.
It was more than just for Rosie Gaines it was for us all.

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