Blues on the Menu

by Lady Bianca

Released 2016
Magic-O Records
Released 2016
Magic-O Records
Magic-O records is trying a new thing by releasing this "digital 45" for your listening pleasure. We are trying out the old school way of making 45's. It will be more economical to get your favorite artist music two at a time.
Blues is on the Menu is our most recent release from Lady Bianca. We are proud to present it as a digital 45. That means there will be two singles on the Cd. You will hear the original composition Mean Mother in-law Blues. It has a quick fonky Bass line throughout the whole song and the comedic comments from Lady Bianca toward the end of this song will have you laughing to yourself.. The second side "All I could do was Cry, is a remake of an Etta James Classic. Lady Bianca has decided to offer her powerful vocals and sweet piano solo to this song and make it her own. It has essence of RB, Country, and Gospel overtones. We are sure you will want your own copy to play in your car, cry in your beer and sing along with the background vocals over and over again. I know you wont want to share yours with friends. Tell them to buy their own. This 45 may be a part of a rare collections of Magic-O Record productions. Once again we want to thank you for you purchase enjoy!

Award Winner

Winner! Best Female Blues Artist 2016


IBC Winner and Memphis Semi-Finalist

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  • 01/31/2018
    LRBC#30 Eastern Caribean - ,

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